Make Safety At Work A Team Effort

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Working as part of a team has many benefits.  You get to spend your working hours with likeminded people, you can make lifelong friendships and together you can get a whole lot more work done than you can on your own.  Everyone within the workplace environment, from janitors and trainees to managers and supervisors also play a part in the keeping the office safe.

Accidents can happen, of course, but if everyone works together, you can help to reduce the risk of injury to the members of your team.  Even if you believe that health and safety in the workplace is not your responsibility, by keeping your work area tidy and notifying your superiors of any potentially dangerous situations, you could single-handedly be preventing damage to both yourself and your co-workers.

Stay safe at work.  Take on these top tips to help keep your workplace safe for everyone.

  1. Safety Plans

As a senior member of staff, you may be tasked with incorporating and devising a comprehensive safety plan for your building.  This could include anything from general health and safety practices to reporting procedure should an accident occur.  As an employee, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this plan when it is made available to you.

  1. Physical Capabilities

As a co-worker, if you see someone struggling to carry out their duties, ask them about it.  They could be putting their own health at risk, or the health of those around them.

  1. Training And Self-Education

All companies should offer safety training within their workplace.  This may be geared towards the use of particular equipment or tasks or could be more general.  As an employee, it is your responsibility to ensure that you fully take on all of the guidance and advice offered to you.

  1. Learn From Past Mistakes

The type of work your companies does, and the environment you work in will be unique to the type of business that you are involved in.  This means, that there will probably be hazards found in your building, that may not be found elsewhere.  As an employee, if you are aware of ongoing safety issues within the building, report them to your superiors to prevent further discomfort or the risk of injury.

  1. Protection Equipment

This one is pretty obvious, but protection equipment must be provided by the employer if it is necessary.  They should also provide full training to ensure that it is used properly.  This could relate to goggles, gloves, hard hats, safety shoes or even just earplugs.  As an employee, you must use the safety equipment you have been provided.

  1. Staffing Levels

If you feel your work safety is compromised by low staffing levels, you must report this to your superiors.  Exhaustion is one of the biggest causes of accidents at work.  An employer may then be required to hire part-time or temporary workers to help cover the busiest periods.

      7. Clear Instructions

Cutting corners can cause horrific accidents.  If as an employee, you feel you are being rushed and forced to cut corners, make your superiors aware. Likewise, if you see your co-workers simply being slap-dash report them to prevent injury.

      8. Company Vehicles

If you use company vehicles, ensure that they are always well maintained.  An employer should you carry out regular inspections and be sure that all maintenance and repair schedules are up to date.  As a driver, you must report any problems with your vehicle as soon as they happen

      9. Keeping Tidy

A tidy workplace is not only a more productive workplace, it is also a safer one.  Keep your own area tidy and report co-workers who don’t.  It may seem trivial, but piles of debris can potentially block fire exits, spills can lead to defective and even dangerous electrics and cluttered offices are a fire hazard.

  1. Looking Out For Each Other

Finally, take care of each other.  Employers may offer incentives and rewards for employees who raise the bar, and as an employee keep an eye on your co-workers.

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