Florida workers compensation case law books

What rights am I entitled to under the Florida workers compensation system?
In Florida, an injured employee is entitled to medical and wage benefits. If an accident occurred in the course and scope of an employee's job, the Employer/Carrier is required by law to provide these benefits.
Will the Employer/Carrier authorize a doctor of my choice to provide medical care?
No, under the workers compensation system the physicians are selected by the Employer/Carrier.
Under what circumstances will I be entitled to wage benefits?
In order to receive wage benefits, an authorized physician must place an injured worker on work restrictions. If the injured worker is taken out of work completely, then wages are owed. If the employee is on light duty restrictions, the Employer must not have any work available within the injured worker’s restrictions for there to be entitlement to wages.
Will I receive my full compensation if I am receiving lost wage benefits?
An injured worker will receive temporary total disability (TTD) benefits at a rate of 66.67% of their pre-injury wages if they are taken out of work completely. If the employee is entitled to wage benefits while on light duty restrictions, they will receive temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits at a rate of 64% of their pre-injury wages.
How are my wages calculated?
Wages are calculated based on what the injured worker averaged in the thirteen (13) weeks prior to the work accident.
How many times can I change my doctor throughout the life of a case?
An injured employee is entitled to change their physician one time throughout the life of the case.
Will the Employer/Carrier pay my medical bills for treatment at a hospital for injuries suffered in my case?
Outstanding medical bills will generally be paid by the Employer/Carrier as long as they are related to the work accident and the claim is compensable.
How long can my case stay open
If a case has been picked up as compensable by the Employer/Carrier, the case can stay open for the rest of an injured employee's life as long as the employee treats with an authorized workers compensation doctor at least one time per year.
What are the benefits of having an attorney?
An attorney can put pressure on employers and their insurance companies to do what they should be doing by filing Petitions for Benefits with the workers compensation court. Filing these petitions ensures an injured employee will receive the benefits they are entitled to. If the benefits are not provided by the Employer/Carrier, an attorney can fight the denials by putting the matter in the hands of a Judge of Compensation claims. Among many other benefits, an attorney uses their knowledge of the law to negotiate a settlement while also serving as an advisor throughout the life of the case.
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