What Types of Businesses Need Workers Compensation Coverage

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Workers’ Compensation insurance is a mandatory requirement for most businesses in Florida, and failure to provide the same could result in the business being subject to large penalties. What Is Workers’ Compensation? All employers should take reasonable care to ensure that the workplace is safe.  But even with the best provisions in place, accidents can […]

Independent Medical Examinations

Independent Medical Examinations in Workers Compensation

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Pursuant to Florida Statute section 440.13(1)(k), independent medical examinations (“IME”) are “an objective evaluation of an injured worker’s medical condition, including, but not limited to, impairment or work status, performed by a physician or an expert medical advisor at the request of a party, a judge of compensation claims, or the division to assist in […]

Expert Medical Advisor

Appointment of an Expert Medical Advisor

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An Expert Medical Advisor (“EMA”) may sometimes be required in a Workers Compensation claim. An EMA is generally required when there is a dispute between the opinions of physicians that are treating an injured worker. An EMA reviews the facts of the case and then offers his or her opinion and testimony regarding the injuries. According to Florida […]

lump sum advance

Filing For a Lump Sum Advance

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In a Workers Compensation claim, there may come a time when an injured worker experiences financial distress due to the inability to work. If an injured employee is not working and the Employer/Carrier is not agreeing to provide wage benefits, the employee’s financial situation may cause difficulty in his or her ability to pay for everyday necessities […]

Workers Compensation No Fault System

The Workers Compensation No Fault System

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One of the common misbeliefs of injured workers is the belief that they are not entitled to Workers Compensation benefits if they are the reason why the accident occurred. The Workers Compensation no fault system in Florida means that fault is not a factor in determining whether an injured employee is entitled to receive benefits. […]

permanent total disability

Qualifying For Permanent Total Disability Benefits

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In a Workers Compensation claim, the two most common types of lost wage benefits that an injured employee may receive are Temporary Total Disability (“TTD”) and Temporary Partial Disability (“TPD”) benefits. These wage benefits are generally paid when an injured employee has either been taken out of work by an authorized Workers Compensation physician or […]

Workers Compensation Educational Conference

Annual Workers Compensation Educational Conference

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The Annual Workers Compensation Educational Conference is held each year in Orlando, Florida. This year marks the 72nd year of the Workers Compensation Educational Conference and 29th year of the Annual Safety and Health Conference. The event will be held from August 6-August 9, 2017 at the Orlando World Center Marriott. Attendees of the Conference […]