What Types of Businesses Need Workers Compensation Coverage

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Workers’ Compensation insurance is a mandatory requirement for most businesses in Florida, and failure to provide the same could result in the business being subject to large penalties.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

All employers should take reasonable care to ensure that the workplace is safe.  But even with the best provisions in place, accidents can still happen.  Workers’ Compensation protects employees who suffer from work-related injuries and helps them to receive the medical attention they require, as well as providing a basic level of compensation to cover loss of wages while they are recovering.

Unlike civil lawsuits, Workers’ Compensation does not rely on proving who was at fault, but rather offers guaranteed benefits in exchange for limited rights to sue the employer for further damages.  Because Workers’ Compensation is state-regulated, the kind of injuries that are covered will vary from state to state.

Why do you need workers’ compensation insurance?

In the state of Florida, Workers’ Compensation is a mandatory requirement for the majority of organizations.

Who is required to have a workers’ compensation policy?

An employer’s responsibility to offer coverage will depend on the number of employees they have, the nature of the business and the type of work the employees undertake.

The Bureau of Compliance offers the following guidelines:

Construction Industry – One (1) or more employees, including the owner of the business who are corporate officers or Limited Liability Company (LLC) members. For a list of the trades considered to be in the construction industry see 69L-6.021 Florida Administrative Code.

Non-Construction Industry – Four (4) or more employees, including business owners who are corporate officers or Limited Liability Company (LLC) members.

Agricultural Industry – Six (6) regular employees and/or twelve (12) seasonal workers who work more than 30 days during a season but no more than a total of 45 days in a calendar year.

In the state of Florida, even Sole Proprietors or partners in a partnership with construction companies are not eligible for exemption out of Workers’ Compensation.  Sole Proprietors outside the construction industry, however, are automatically excluded by law.

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