physician referrals in workers compensation

Physician Referrals in Workers Compensation

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In a workers compensation claim, an injured employee is generally authorized to treat with a primary care physician at a clinic selected by the Employer/Carrier as the initial treatment facility if the claim has been accepted as compensable. Throughout the life of a case, the law allows an injured employee to change an authorized physician […]

Judge of Compensation Claims

Issues That Can Be Decided By a Judge

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In a workers compensation case, the Judge of Compensation Claims is granted authority to rule on certain issues that may arise in a case. One common misconception that many injured workers have is that a Judge has the authority to decide how much money should be offered in a settlement. This belief is not correct […]

Workers Compensation Settlement

Is Settlement the Best Option?

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When it comes time to decide whether an injured worker should settle their case or keep it open, it really comes down to whether the employee would rather continue receiving benefits through the workers compensation system or if they would rather receive a lump sum settlement from the Employer and their insurance carrier. There is […]